Overcoming Challenges of Online Retailing: The Cash-On-Delivery Option

Online shopping has increased in India partly because major online retailers such as Amazon, snapdeal and Flipkart are providing easy and convenient ways to shop. They are also providing the option of “cash-on-delivery.” This is making customers feel more comfortable making online purchases. One of the biggest hurdles in India was and still is, the issue of reliable package delivery. Packages often don’t reach the customers on time or get lost or stolen. This creates hassles for both buyers and sellers. In the past, products advertised have not been the product received, fake and poor quality products have made customers skeptical about online shopping. 

Now things are changing, more people are shopping online and getting better options and deals. Online retailers are finding innovative ways to attract customers. Amazon provided the incentive of 1Kg gold, a much desired item to Indian customers for downloading its app. The competition among online retailers is fierce. They are all trying to gain a market share. 

Going to an Indian traditional market can be quite fun but is also quite stressful because of the traffic. In many stores, prices are not marked on products, thus they are open for interpretations and negotiations. For a busy customer looking for a good deal and convenience, online shopping is a great option. As internet connection improves, safe and quick delivery options further develop, more Indians will be buying online.